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We always offer opportunities for growth

At New Dawn HR we don’t simply tell you what is needed but work collaboratively to understand your unique challenges, aspirations and vision for the future. This allows us to co-create solutions which align with your business strategy and goals. Our commitment doesn’t stop at these recommendations as we can offer hands-on support for successful implementation. We are here to guide you through the journey to transform the vision for your people into a reality together. 

HR Foundations 

Our goal when working with you will be to simplify the complexities of HR whilst setting up a solid foundation for success. 

Employee Relations

We realise that navigating the complexities of people related issues can be challenging and can support in addressing these face on. 


We can support you in finding the perfect candidate whilst ensuring a fair and robust process. 

Change Management

Whilst change within a business is often positive and exciting, it can result in unsettling times for your people. 

New Starters

A fantastic new starter experience is essential to set the tone of your workplace and support your people to be successful in those early days. 

Health and Wellbeing

We can support you not only in dealing with individual cases of sickness but also developing strategies to reduce absence across the organisation. 

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