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HR Foundations

Our goal when working with you will be to simplify the complexities of HR whilst setting up a solid foundation for success. This allows your business and people to focus on what they do best. 

We believe that people related processes should not only support a business in being more efficient but also contribute to an excellent employee experience. Whether you are looking to implement new technologies or streamline workflows we can help to achieve your aims. We will work collaboratively with the people closest to your processes to identify bottlenecks, remove duplication and enhance cross departmental communications. 

Your HR policies should be so much more than ensuring that the workplace is compliant. We can write individual policies or provide a suite which are not only in line with employment legislation but also reflect the organisational culture and embed your values. The policies will be written with a critical eye on making sure the language is accessible and content easy to navigate for your people at all levels. This is whether you simply require a refresh or are starting with a blank page. 

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